Carita Ogden


Carita has 14 years’ experience working in property communications. This includes 3 years in-house as Head of Property Communications at Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd leading the communications’ team for planning and construction for all new stores, depots and joint venture development projects.

Carita also has strong ties to the Liberal Democrats, having worked in Kingston for Edward Davey MP and being elected as a Councillor in LB Lambeth in 2010. Carita has worked on some of London’s most iconic developments and her role now focuses on improving Cascade’s new business and connections.

Career highlight:

Being congratulated by a Southwark Councillor for running the best neighbourhood consultation she had seen in her 12 years of being a councillor.

Clients past & present:

Chelsfield | City Link | Londonewcastle | Sainsbury’s | Oakmayne Properties | Beetham | Land Securities | Lend Lease | Battersea Power Station Development Company


Local politics, maps, woodwork and crafts.

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