30 September 2018 

Conservative Party Conference 2018- Sunday update 

By Luke Major 

And last but not least, it’s the Conservatives’ turn to appeal for your vote at their annual Party Conference. Over the next few days, Emma and I will be providing you with some insight about what this Government has in store for the planning and development industry, the state of the Party, as well as their own election prospects and very hopefully, some clarity over Brexit.

Having glanced through the Party Conference handbook, the obvious point of note is that the word ‘Chequers’ does not feature anywhere. This is an embarrassing but necessary omission as it was revealed in a recent membership poll that just 1 in 10 Party members supports the Prime Minister’s proposed Brexit deal with the EU. Assuming that she dares to, Theresa May’s speech on Wednesday morning will be fascinating, as she tries to sell the crown jewel of her legacy to a very sceptical membership.

Could it be that her speech last year will be topped on the disaster scale? I for one am holding my breath.

From one Elephant in the Conference Hall to another, I expect the Conservatives on housing to say all the right things to drive delivery and increase supply, only for some to go back to their home-owning constituents and block development near to their back yard.

In other news, the Conservatives have selected their candidate to face Sadiq Khan in the London Mayor 2020 election. Shaun Bailey should get a lot of stage time over the next few days and will have plenty of ammunition with which to attack the incumbent mayor’s record on housing and crime. He should, at least, go some way to restoring the Conservative Party’s image in London after Zac Goldsmith’s infamous campaign in 2016, though he is unlikely to win.


Like we did at the Lib Dem’s and Labour, we will be attending as many housing and development talks with key politicians as our time will allow, and then bringing you the highlights. In the meantime, if there is anything else you want to know, please feel free to contact us.

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