3 September  2018 

Dealing with residents, dust and noise - Construction Communications

By Chris Rumsey

A call from a resident angry about dust and noise from your development site comes into the customer services team. The call is escalated and passed around the company, from senior management to the sales team and maybe even reaching wider. Before you know it a large part of your company is busy dealing with an irate resident rather than getting on with the important job of marketing and delivering your site.

How do you stop this from happening?

Cascade offers a comprehensive construction communications service that keeps the local community engaged throughout the delivery stages. By acting as the first point of contact for residents, Cascade will work with your onsite team to respond to issues in a professional, quick and efficient manner, ensuring your brand and reputation are managed effectively.

Complaints and interested neighbours are an inevitable part of any development site. Cascade manages all engagement with the local community, saving time for your company and your contractors and letting you get on with the job in hand of meeting the development programme.

Effective, regular communication with residents is critical. Through providing a dedicated phone line and email address, holding neighbourhood construction meetings and producing regular communications, Cascade will ensure that residents are kept informed throughout the works. From our experience, being pro-active with engagement is the best way to reduce complaints and deal with issues before they become a formal complaint and escalate to the attention of decision makers and stakeholders that are important to your business.

Managing engagement with residents is an excellent way of building positive relationships and improving your reputation with political stakeholders in boroughs where you are working. Communication during construction is becoming increasingly important and councillors expect a high level of community engagement throughout the works.

Cascade experiences includes managing construction communications on some of the largest and most difficult projects in London including Battersea Power Station and One Nine Elms in Wandsworth and the Knightsbridge Estate in RB Kensington and Chelsea.

To find out more about how Cascade can help you manage your construction communications contact Chris Rumsey at or call 020 7871 3565 to speak to a member of our team.


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