23 September 2018 

Labour Party Conference 2018 - Sunday update 

By Chris Rumsey

We know it's Sunday afternoon but we wanted to give you an early insight into what’s happening from Labour Party conference. 

Arguably the biggest meeting of the week took place yesterday evening when the Labour Party National Executive Committee (the Labour Party governing body) met again to discuss rule changes and changes to the internal structure of the Party. The rule changes have set the Momentum faction of Labour against the Trade Unions and, as we saw from the votes from the conference floor this morning, members are still advocating automatic re-election of MPs. However, they will support the rule changes around MP selection but not the proposed changes to how the Labour Leader is elected. Results are expected later this evening. 

Expect the next few days to see these internal disputes lead the headlines. The reappearance of Council Leaders being elected by Labour members has come as a surprise to many (not us here at Cascade) but won’t come into being until the end of 2019 – if a week is a long time in politics, a year is a generation.  

The other big debate will be the Party position on a second referendum (or a People’s Vote). Expect a motion to be debated that will leave the party the opportunity to have as much wiggle room as possible - it’s clear the Party supports a second vote but the Labour Leadership remains hopeful of a second General Election, even as soon as November. 

The Unions have also just supported a measure which would see an additional female Deputy Leader.

Very little new housing policy will come from the conference floor, but we will keep you updated on what John Healey MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Housing) says. 

Jeremy Corbyn will take to the stage on Wednesday lunchtime. 

We will be heading to the key housing, planning and property debates across conference and will bring you the highlights on Tuesday morning. In the meantime if there is anything else you want to know or you’re up here and fancy a cup of tea, then drop us a line. 

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